Ski school

GrIFK Alpine's ski school is meant for club's youngest members. Our honored ski school is funny and useful place to learn beginnings of skiing. From Grani's ski school you will receive high end education, long lasting friendships, and immemorial teachings. Our Ski school is located in Kauniainen, near to Espoo and Helsinki. More information about the ski school and courses can be get from hiihtokoulu(a)

We will teach beginnings of skiings and alpine skiing for 4-12 years old children from January to March, everyday of the week: , Mon from 15 to 16, Tue 15-18, Wed 15-17, Thu and Fri from 15-18 and Sat, Sun 9-15

Our courses last 10 weeks.

Lumiwerneri courses are meant for youngest and most inexperienced skiers. Goal of Lumiwerneri is to learn independ and safe skiing. Next Course is VauhtiWerneri, where children lear carving turns. After ski school our club offers option to go to Racing School/freestyle school or varsitiy race teams.