Race Teams

GrIFK Alpine's object is to develope athletes by maintaining and offering quality coaching. We have experienced and well educated coaching staff. We teach modern alpine skiing technique and our training plan and curriculum are updated yearly

In our racing teams we are concentrated to age groups from 7-16. The youngest and newest athletes usually go to Delta group, from they move to Sigma or Beta depending how much they want to participate and train. Alpha team is meant for U12 skiers that are aiming to national level. Omega team is for U14 and U16 skiers. GrIFK Alpine also have active masters team for more experienced skiers.

GrIFK Alpine have three full time coach and seven part-time coach. In addtional there are huge number of volunteers helping us to improve our athletes.

If you are interested in participate in alpine skiing race team please contact atte.p(a)grifkalpine.fi